Stress Depression Management (Mano-Avasada Chikitsa)

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Designed to:

Helps to calm the mind, reduce the stress, sooth the nervous system, reduce depression and induce a feeling of profound peace and happiness.

  • Online Ayurvedic Consultation
    • Reduce stress and calm the mind
    • Soothe the nervous system
    • Reduce depression
    • Relax both body and mind
    • Induce a feeling of profound peace and happiness

Therapies may include

  • Full body oleation therapy with medicated oil (Abhyangam)
  • Facial therapy with herbal oil / cream (Mukh Abhyangam)
  • Head treatment with herbal oil (Shiro Abhyangam)
  • Herbal oil/decoction drip therapy on the forehead (Shirodhara) or medicated butter milk (Thakram) or Herbal decoction (Kashayam) as per the need
  • Steam bath (Swedana)
  • Panchakarma

Price : $ 155                Duration : 90 min

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