Why Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda Inc.?


  1. Why should I consult an Ayurvedic practitioner at Santhigram?

    We offer in-person and online video consultation with Ayurveda experts. We value your decision – our practitioner spends enough time during consultation to understand your body type, family history, dietary and lifestyle pattern hence we can create a complete Customized ayurveda treatment plan/wellness plan to treat the root cause of your ill health

  2. Where can I get Ayurvedic herbs?

    Santhigram is a one-stop-shop for your health needs. Santhigram herbals bring you a wide range of classical Ayurvedic herbal formulations sourced from God’s own country Kerala. All varieties of Ayurveda products like Ayurveda Oil, Arishtam, Asavam, Choornam, Ghruthams, Kashayam, Kwath Tablets, Lehyam, Immunity kit, Gulika, OTC, Sevyam Or Avarthi, Single Drug Capsule are available at our center

  3. What are the Ayurveda / Panchakarma therapies Santhigram offer?

    We have a client-focused approach hence our experts plan customized panchakarma therapies just for you! Our therapy programs are subjective inclusive of all authentic Kerala Panchakarma procedures.
    We also offer Detox and Rejuvenation packages based on your body type

  4. Why Santhigram focuses on dietary and lifestyle patterns?

    Our body is tuned to what and when we eat! The necessary dietary modification will play a vital role in your journey of wellness. Our Ayurveda expert will provide a customized diet plan as per your health condition which will help you to keep optimum balance in your body elements

  5. What else Santhigram does for their clients?

    Complimentary follow up- Your health is our top priority! Our practitioner will never miss taking updates; regular follow up with your practitioner will help you be consistent with your wellness goals